Paul-Emile Rioux

Paul-Emilé Rioux

Artist and photographer Paul-Émile Rioux lives in Montréal, Canada. His lifelong interest in cutting-edge new media technology as well as his expertise in photography cast him as a pioneer in digital art and allow him, to develop a virtual matrix from which he extracts his images. He explores in his work a universe that lies at the crossroad of abstraction and the figurative. He invites  the viewer to determine, if what he sees is a reflection of reality or -imagination. Through his distinct approach, Paul-Émile Rioux is one of the most innovative artists in digital conceptions and one of the few creative minds able to blend with such keenness, aesthetics research and critical distance. Whether they translate into a Dantesque urbanity or the infinite horizon of a turquoise ocean, the urban territory reflected by his creations offer a dystopian view of the world, challenging our attitude towards the environment and the future.


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