Liz Ghitta Segall

Liz Ghitta Segall

Born in Ottawa, Canada, and raised in New York, Liz Ghitta Segall spent most of her life in France and currently lives and works in Palm Beach County, South Florida. Her broad education includes La Grande Chaumiere, Paris, France, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY, and L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris, France.

“I often begin a work without a plan or perhaps just a hint of one in my mind’s inner eye. Working in the studio, there is not necessarily a goal but more of a material process; an addition, a subtraction, a layering and painting over, a drawing, a blurring, a wiping away. Somehow, in the middle between nothing and everything, the piece emerges as I relinquish control. The process and materials at hand gestate content and meaning is set into motion…And then Control takes over yet again.

“Painting to music, always, I often draw inspiration from the beat and cadence I hear in the studio; using my hands as well as brushes, sticks, mittens, palette knives, forks, spoons and whatever other instruments of expression I have about, I will myself to present a line, a circle, a square, a landscape, a bird, a flower, a figure, with physicality and force.”


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