Jill Lefkowitz

Jill Lefkowitz

Art and art appreciation have been a part of Jill’s family all her life. She always felt the need to paint. Born in Queens, New York, Jill attended New York University to study Studio Art. While at NYU, Jill began to work in the film and television industry as a Makeup Artist on music videos for musicians such as “A Tribe Called Quest.” While establishing a career as a makeup artist, she continued to follow her passion to paint. Her makeup work inspired new explorations and ideas that helped develop and continues to evolve her abstract figurative work.

Jill’s art demands color with her bold style gracing a variety of objects from guitars to barrels, and from hats to traditional canvas. Her paintings of abstract figures merge influences from past and present-day cultures creating a unique language that promotes community, and inclusivity. Her style continues to grow by finding new three-dimensional objects to paint, while still painting on canvas.

As an ever-evolving Artist, Jill consults, lectures and teaches about her technique using Acrylic, Brush Pen and Charcoal. She exhibits her work in galleries, museums, and fairs such as the Coral Springs Museum and Art Palm Beach. Collectors display her work nationally in their homes and offices.


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