Gabriel & Angela Collazo

Gabriel & Angela Collazo

Love and Fear, Light and Darkness, Life and Death, Yin and Yang. The natural world is made up of interconnected and complementary dichotomies that cannot exist without their opposites. Life, by definition, is duality, it cannot be otherwise. The struggle to eliminate the unwanted side of the equation inevitably leads to its strengthening, not its demise. The world we inhabit is merely a projection of who we are which is why the wise man insists that to change the world, we must be the change. So, then, how can evil be defeated? The simple answer: With Love. And the path to love starts with acceptance and love from within; by shining the light on the shadow; by acknowledging, validating, and allowing our suffering to express itself and run its course until it can be embraced. When this acceptance happens, we are healed and we are set free.

Even if few comprehend the message of Almighty Love, artistic expression cannot help but be inspired by this higher ideal. Collazo intuitively know this pervasive Love. It is clear as they project it onto the blank canvas. They hold the passion inside their hearts. With all of its torments, hopes and fears, positives and negatives, and other seemingly contradictory elements, their paintings (i.e. “The Fallen.” “Open.” “Spirit.” “Pure Love.” “Light Shines Through Us.” “Love Knows No Boundaries.” to name but a few) reflect their path and the deep inner transformation which they themselves are undertaking. As they awaken to their true selves and channel Divine Consciousness, they transcend their fear, and align their heartbeats with the beat of the Universe. Without resistance and with full faith, they whole-heartedly allow its guidance to inhabit them. The result is a work of LOVE.

Artist Statement

“I wake up every day and say a morning prayer. It’s an intentional, mindful session that gets me in the mindset that a higher power is working in my life. This mentality orients me toward that which is more important than money, things, and ego: an attitude of giving, loving, and letting the Spirit of God guide me. I know that my purpose is to spread love through every aspect of my artistry. Whether it be art, music, poetry, or human relations, this mindfulness is present; this Spirit is present. Together, Angela and I can accomplish anything we put our hearts into, and this artwork is just that; it’s our passion; it’s our Spirit.”


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