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New Figurative

Adam Noel

Curated by Mary Ann Cohen

As one of the nation’s most knowledgeable and respected art dealers, Mary Ann Cohen and her team of experts are changing the way clients source and purchase art in the US and beyond. She founded MAC Art in 1997 and has over 30 years of international fine art experience running successful galleries in Los Angeles, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Mary Ann has curated art for collectors, galleries, museums, designers, and corporations all over the world. Today she runs an entire art empire that includes fine art representation, print atelier services and three successful gallery locations in South Florida. Mary Ann also founded and designed an online fine art platform Curated to expand her brand globally and offer clients her keen eye and level of expertise.

mac fine art
New Abstract is a collection based on artwork that conveys a positive, emotional message. Artwork can deliver a feeling through color, composition, and also through literal iconography and text.

Mary Ann Cohen
mac fine art

New Figurative Collection

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