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New Abstract

Adam Noel

Curated by Adam Noel

Visionary artist, photographer and art connoisseur Adam Noel is a joy to work with as he immediately and intuitively understands what inspires his clients. At the same time, he helps new collectors think outside the box and helps them to decide on unique pieces that take their spaces to a very high level of taste, elegance and drama. His clients are thrilled with his calm demeanor, effortless communication and diligent work ethic as he searches tirelessly to find the the perfect piece of art for their home or office. For Adam, joy is transforming spaces. Yours could be next.

mac fine art
New Abstract is a collection based on artwork that conveys a positive, emotional message. Artwork can deliver a feeling through color, composition, and also through literal iconography and text.

Adam Noel, Chief Curator
mac fine art

New Abstract Collection