The Art of What We Do



Most of our clients have either purchased a new home or are remodeling their existing home, while others have been searching unsuccessfully for the right piece for an empty space on their wall for years!

No matter the reason, they usually arrive with some concept of what they think they want. Usually their vision is complicated as they want to be truly inspired by a piece of art, but of course it needs to work within and compliment their space and budget. In every instance they are influenced by a number of factors including their taste, opinions of spouses & designers, and what they see in media. Compounded with what they want to buy is the issue of what they already have from years of collecting in other homes. They are unsure if any of the older art even fits into their new homes but it makes looking for new art daunting. This all makes for very tricky art buying decisions that can result in a disjointed feel to their collections and a poor finish to the dream they have about their finished home. Without the presence of quality fine art even the best interior design plan fails to produce the elegance, personality, drama and mystic we all want to be surrounded by.

We have helped countless clients navigate the art collecting world, source amazing artworks and even find new ways to work in their existing works carefully curating all of it into a refined and satisfying finished interior. Homes and offices today are open, contemporary spaces where what is selected on one wall needs to make sense and “speak” to the rest of the art in the space. In today’s open interiors, selecting works from multiple sources is ok, if you have the experience, confidence and time to orchestrate a full collection.

Here at Curated you are not alone, we are here to help you as little or as much as you need us. We can get you a “few great pieces” or we can do your entire home or homes! You decide as our help is free, you pay only for the pieces you collect.

How it Works
Begin by looking at the pieces we have sold and installed over the years. This will give you great ideas about your own space and open your horizon about what is possible.
Think outside the box and go one step beyond what you are comfortable with as these pieces will be treasured for years to come.
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Browse our curated collections, take note of the variety of art or artists that effect you. Our collections are usually organized by feelings, emotions, intuitions, color, subject matter or size. We can show you at least several artists who may be perfect for you.

For tenured collectors, designers & professionals we would be more than happy to assist you, please drop us a note by email, text or call and we will respond promptly. And for new collectors, we are here to help you navigate our incredibly vast and eclectic selections.

Review our curator biographies and collections and discover an expert curator you'd like to begin your art journey with.
Keep in mind no matter who you choose, our entire team of curators including our owner, will work together to ensure you get the best possible proposal. Send us images and measurements of your space, don’t worry if you have existing art on the wall, as it helps us to see the relative size of what you need. The photos should show your interiors so we get a feel for your sense of style and furnishings.
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Send us images and measurements of your space and don’t worry if you have existing art on the wall, as this will help us to visualize actual parameters of what you need.

As we work with you in person, to understand your style and perspective we embrace opinion, unique taste and actually love when clients know immediately what they love or perhaps what doesn’t strike their interest.