Adding character to every room with sculpture 

adding character to every room with sculpture

Apple by Ronald A. Westerhuis

Critics argue that fine art painting is more superior to sculpture. 

All fine art travels in a lane all its own but there is something spectacular about sculpture, unduplicated by any other art form.

Sculpture is the pop-up book of fine art. 

It is what jumps out of the artist with intricate detailing, intimidating attention to detail, and a command for the ability to bring thought into complete form.

Find out why your home, office, hotel, or courtyard can benefit from the distinctive character only sculpture brings.

“Sculpture is a parable in three dimensions, a symbol of a spiritual experience, and a means of conveying truth by concentrating its essence into visible form. … It must be the reflection of the artist who creates it and of the era in which he lives, not an echo or a memory of other days and other ways.”

―Malvina Hoffman

The point and power of sculpture

sculpture to bring character to your spaces

Line Series by Ronald A. Westerhuis

Scuplture has been telling and re-telling human history for centuries and civilizations. It has celebrated, it has marked milestones, it has been witness to and testimony of all that human beings can be proud of, and a lot of which it probably shouldn’t.

The artist who sculpts though, depending on their chosen medium is in fact tasked with a gargantuan feat to turn, brass, or stainless steel, or jade, or clay, or glass into a thing to behold. 

To make what is mere neuronal Galaga or thought into a concrete bookmark in the story of human thought is not only an honor but demanding.

When it is all set and done it upgrades any room. 

Sculpture has been pausing humans in time, literally for ages. When you drive past a museum set back from the thoroughfare and catch a glimpse of paper plane sculpture 6 or 7 times the size of you, you can’t help but marvel. 

The most recognizable sculptures are still being honored in this 21st century: The Great Sphinx in Egypt, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Thinker and Venus de Milo in Paris, France are all testaments to human genius. 

They symbolize, they honor, they recall, they show proof that something or someone existed. They characterize the metropolis and townships, and eras, just as much as courthouses, monuments, universities, city centers, brownstone lofts, dens, and mansion corridors. 

Sculpture is both public and modern/contemporary and can enhance a space whether indoor or outdoor.  

What can sculpture do to add interest to a room?

using sculpture to add interest to your space

The Duet, Resin Sculpture on Natural Rock, 49″ x 17″ by Mary Pat Wallen

The answer is everything and anything.

Due to the 3D nature of sculpture, it has an uncanny ability to liven up a room. 

A sculpture quickly turns your living quarters or space into more of an onion, than a flat drab chamber. All decor that enters into a space tells those who dwell in it how to be. Sculpture allows the space to tell a more energetic story and influence the area in deeper ways. 

Depending on the colors and materials in the room, a sculpture can add any number of layers to bring a specific vibration to any given place. For instance, you may want a room to flow with playfulness or take on fantastical energy. An imaginative sculpture would offer that energy to the space.  If you want to promote scholarship, the aforementioned The Thinker could do this.